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Record everything you see on the screen of your PC


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Stream Catcher is an excellent tool developed with the goal of capturing video or still image anywhere on the PC screen.

The program includes four types of captures:
- Screenshot of the current dialog box, active window or full screen. The program includes a selection area adjustable if you want to capture a particular area.
- Video recording. With this tool you can record everything that happens on the desktop. This is especially useful for video tutorials on a particular program or record a streaming video since the tool also features a selection area to determine what area should be recorded.
- Sound recording. This feature allows you to record anything that sounds in the PC allowing you to set the sound source and the level of capture.
- Image extraction. Through this tool, you can download all the still images from a URL. Only need to insert the address for the program to show you in a few seconds all the images on the web.

Therefore, Stream Catcher becomes the ideal tool to record video or images from your desktop.

Requires Windows XP (SP2) /Vista.


Record everything you see on the screen of your PC

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